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I registered and can't log on. Now what?
You screwed something up or.....it's us. Re-register and write the password down this time. If that doesn't work contact us and we'll hook you up.

How can we contact The Lucky Puppy?
You can't. If you know me, you have my email addy. If you don't then re-register. Come on....do you really think I'm putting my email on the net?

How private is this site?
When you register you'll notice that we do not ask for your name. We'll know your email address and that's it.

Is this site "Kid Friendly"?
We try to keep things here on The Puppy PG-13. We strongly suggest parental involvement.

Feel free to post a question here and we'll really do our best to resolve it. If you find a bad link PLEASE tell us .
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