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3 APR 2006, Dover AFB, Maryland. C-5B crashed on landing. 84-0059 crashed following a cockpit indication that a thrust reverser was not locked. The C-5B assigned to the 436th Airlift Wing and flown by a reserve crew from the 709th Airlift Squadron, 512th Airlift Wing crashed about 2,000 ft (610 m) short of the runway while attempting a heavyweight emergency landing at Dover Air Force Base, Delaware. The aircraft had taken off from Dover 21 minutes earlier and reported an in-flight emergency 10 minutes into the flight. All 17 people aboard survived, but two received serious injuries. The Air Force's accident investigation board report concluded the cause to be human error, most notably the crew had been manipulating the throttle of the (dead) number two engine as if it was still running while keeping the (live) number three engine at idle.

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  • Ken Rankin - Sunday 27 January 2013 09:16
    Yes, the equivalent of stomping on the wrong peddal in a car...there is little room for such error when falling out of the sky.
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